freak parties

10 cumdumps + 100 breeders


Wednesday August 7, 2024
at the Crew Club
1321 14th St. NW Washington, DC


DM @freakparties on Twitter to be considered for cumdump spots; they are very competitive. Usually the main factors for selection are you need 500-1000 followers on Twitter so you can help promote the event, physical endurance / experience doing this, and balanced diversity in the group.



Will I have to decide whether to be a bottom or top? Yes. This is a group cumdump breeding session. If you are not a designated cumdump, you are a designated breeder.

When can I enter? You can enter anytime between 8pm-midnight using your ticket. You must show a photo ID to enter any event.

How long can I stay? You can stay for 6 hours total at the Crew Club.

Will there be filming anywhere during the event? Filming is only allowed in private rooms. Filming is not allowed in open areas. This event is primarily for non-content creators.

How many tickets will be available? 10 cumdump tickets and 100 breeder tickets.

How much are tickets? $32 unless you use a discount code.

How can I get tickets? Breeder tickets are available on this site for each event. Tickets can only be used for the specific event date. No-shows will not be refunded. There will be tickets available at entry for breeders only if space permits. Cumdump tickets are competitive and only available via Twitter DM @freakparties.


What criteria will you use to choose cumdumps? Cumdump experience, following size on Twitter, and diversity. For cumdumps, you must be ready and capable. You must also promote the event via mentioning it in twitter posts, grindr headlines, scruff profiles, sniffies groups, and/or bbrt events, wherever you are active. This is your chance to get all your favorite breeders in one place, so make sure they know about it and get a personal invite too.

What should breeders know? Breeders need to be ready and willing to pump and dump. This will not be the place for long one-on-one sessions. Save up your loads so you’re ready to go. Multiple loads to multiple cumdumps is great.

What is the space layout? At Crew Club, there are halls of large dressing rooms where the cumdumps will be located. This is so they are all close together but with the comfort and privacy of having separate bathhouse rooms. It also has a main lounge, dry sauna, steam room, dark rooms, and showers.

What should I bring/wear? Cumdumps should bring an unmarked light-colored jockstrap (for load-counting, but other methods of counting are acceptable) and a black gimp hood with a mouth opening. Harnesses, lingerie, and cages are fine. For breeders: nudity, jockstraps, harnesses/gear are fine. Masks are fine. At Crew Club, sandals are good and towels are provided.

Is there alcohol on site? At Crew Club, no alcohol or other illegal drugs are allowed on site. There are happy hour drink specials for attendees at Trade Bar across the street from 6-8pm.

What are the norms of consent? The participants of these private events must abide by a culture of consent in the sense that at any point a cumdump or breeder can stop any interaction. No one is required or paid to participate and paying for a ticket doesn’t purchase anyone’s consent. Ticket fees cover the venue use and event production. Every interaction must be consensual. It’s entirely possible to attend but not interact with anyone. That being said, the common practice is that hooded cumdumps want to receive as many loads as possible.

What are the norms of sexual health? Everyone in attendance will need to sign a general liability release form. Monitor your health before and after attending events. Also, cumdumps get tired and need breaks, so if at any point he asks you to stop or take a break, you must stop and move on to another cumdump. At the Crew Club, cumdumps can close their room doors to gain privacy and take a break whenever they need to. There is one fully enclosed bathroom suitable for douching but you should come prepared already. There are also showers, a dry sauna, and a steam room.

How do payments appear on bank statements? Payments appear as The Factory on bank statements. Refunds will only be given for medical reasons BEFORE the event. Any no-shows will not be refunded or applied to future events and anyone who puts through a chargeback with their bank will be banned from all future events.


Cumdumps should keep tabs of their load totals for the night via marks on their jockstraps and can post on twitter when it’s over.